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Gym Policies

-Please arrive 10-15 minutes before class begins

-You must register for class online through MindBody or the MindBody Connect app for class admittance (Newcomers must call, email, or sign in online before their first visit!)

-No cell phones, outdoor shoes or bags on the mat

-Please bring a towel and drink plenty of water 30 minutes before class begins

-Commit to class! Please refrain from leaving class early



Kickboxing is a traditional form of martial arts. It is a combat- based sport focused on punching and kicking of opponents. In our kickboxing classes you will use REAL punches, kicks and various other moves against our brand new XXL bags to tone your arms, legs, and core. For 50 minutes, you will strike a bag and perform carefully chosen body weight and ab excerises. Our classes are a mix of intense cardio and body weight training, which will not only burn fat but also define your body.

               Circuit Training

"Circuit Training." Sounds intimidating? Here in Circuit Training your primary goal is to target specific parts of your body for an extreme tone-up. Different from other aerobic classes we focus on increasing strength, core stability and agility with our weighted dumbbells. We focus on various weight lifting moves, cardio/aerobic movements and body weight movements all clustered into one 50 minute session. ***YES BRING YOUR GLOVES TOO!***

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